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No BPA, No Polycarbonate, No Phthalates, No PVC, No Leaching, No Metallic Taste, No Problem.


Eco Sports Water/Hydration Bottles

Eco Sports Bottles are enviromentally friendly sports water/hydration bottles made from lightweight, high grade aluminum or stainless steel. Our stainless steel water bottles are the only completely FDA approved, stainless steel eco friendly water bottles on the market.

Our bottles are used by Olympic and Pro Athletes, their Coaches and Trainers and we supply to race and event directors around the world.
Eco Sports Water Bottles come with multiple third party certifications from industry Leaders Around the World. That means the Eco Sports Water Bottles are the purest, cleanest, safest bottles on the planet!

HALF THE WEIGHT of our competitors, we offer the lightest weight aluminum water bottles. TWICE THE QUALITY: Using 99% pure stainless steel or 99.9% pure aluminum, we use only the highest quality raw materials which are tested and certified before and after manufacturing.

Eco Sports Water Bottles meet and/or exceed FDA Regulations, European Union Standards, and CPSIA Standards

The Eco Sports Water Bottles make great promotional items for your business. Show you care about the environment and offer your clients, team members or employees a personalized eco friendly sports water bottle with your corporate logo or team name.
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Eco Sports Bottle Founder/Owner - Member TEAM USA

2013 Triathlon Grand World Final Championship - London, England

I created Eco Sports Bottle training for triathlon, pregnant with my third baby. That was in 2007. We manufacture the highest quality sports bottle on the planet, one that is used by professional and Olympic athletes, trainers, parents and kids around the world tested to the European Union Standards for Quality. We hope you enjoy your bottle as much as we enjoy making them for you! - Diane

Kirsten Jackson
Athlete Testimonial

I love my new eco sports bottles! They are great for training and everything in between. They are durable, light-weight, keep my liquids cool, and fit easily in my bottle cage on my bike. I like how they never have any residual smell like plastic bottles and they are easy to clean. I will be racing in 2 weeks so I will be sure to let everyone know what a great sports bottle this is!